Love Given Bad Name In Cross-Bay Relationship Discussion/Demolition Derby

Categories: Crime
'It's not you, it's me...'
What's more awkward than domestic arguments on public transportation? How about arguments on the Highway Transportation System -- carried out in separate cars via metal-on-metal violence.

San Francisco Police officers were called in on Saturday to settle a relationship dispute that may or may not have started with the ominous phrase "We've got to talk" -- but ended with a vehicular chase across the Bay Bridge and car-on-car action apropos of Stephen King's Christine.

As the no-nonsense writer of the police report put it, "A man and a woman had been arguing about their relationship with the woman following the man in a vehicle and continuously striking her vehicle against his." The SFPD put an end to this lovers' quarrel at Lincoln and Great Highway and arrested the Oakland woman on five counts of felony assault.

Love is a burning thing...

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