Knowledge Is Power: Cop's Tutorial at Head Shop Results in Big Drug Bust

Categories: Crime
7up stash bottle open.jpg
Wait, that's not the Uncola!
A talkative head shop owner and his eager pupil on the San Francisco Police Department can take credit for a sizable narcotics seizure over in Ingleside.

During a recent routine traffic stop, a pair of officers noticed a soda bottle in a plastic bag in the driver's glove compartment when he pulled out his registration. It was then that one of the policemen remembered a neat trick he was shown during a recent work trip to a head shop staffed by a garrulous counterman. The head shop proprietor had handed the cop a "stash bottle" -- a seemingly normal soda bottle with a secret compartment hidden within (not unlike the 1993 "you put your weed in there" Saturday Night Live sketch).

It wasn't weed but suspected ecstasy that was found in the driver's bottle -- 95 tabs of it.

And we thought things went better with Coke.
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