Help Save San Francisco Parks By Walking Your Ass Off

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A. Maley
Nothin' beats a walk in the park...
Yesterday we wrote about how advocates warn that the state's plan to shut the vast majority of the state's parks could lead to massive encampments, partying, vagrancy, arson, and, perhaps, the world's largest collection of empty beer cans in California's once-proud parks. 

While the city has seen its share of park-related arguments regarding our own budget deficit -- and it's a fair guess the grass at McLaren Park will be allowed to grow a bit tall this year -- no one has yet suggested fencing up the city's green areas. That being said, those green areas are bleeding red and could use a little more green -- and if you're a generous person who likes to walk, have we got a deal for you.

Adah Bakalinsky -- who managed to wring 212 pages out of a book titled Stairway Walks in San Francisco -- will be your guide on Saturday for a fund-raising walk aimed at filling the coffers of the Neighborhood Parks Council. The walk is 10 kilometers and the suggested donation is a dollar per kilometer -- and yet the council's Web site forces us to do the math.
The walk is along the "Blue Greenway" stretching from China Basin to Candlestick Point and kicks off at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 6 at Rincon Point Promenade. For more details -- and to register -- visit here.

It's a two-way trip, so, like the 49ers, you won't be stuck at Candlestick Park for long.

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