Grammar Check: When It Comes to This S.F. Store, It's Your 'Goodest' Bet That We Know What We're Talking About

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Good, gooder, goodest?
A little while back, the grammar columnist from the Boston Globe of all places wrote an interesting piece regarding your humble narrator's lament that the ubiquitous refrain of local bicyclists, "One less car," is the grammatical equivalent of blowing through a stop sign or red light. She disagreed, and made the argument that "One less car" is one more example of proper grammar.

Yet I don't think any grammarians will be pedaling to the assistance of Gooder Supply, Inc., a hardware store out on Noriega between 23rd and 24th Aves. The name of the store harks to an old MAD magazine joke about a language manual penned by Charo: Charo's Guide to Gooder English

If this store isn't owned by Mr. or Mrs. Gooder, then their advice on how to undertake your remodeling is probably sounder than suggestions on when to use "who" as opposed to "whom." We called the store to find out, but haven't heard back yet.

We'll try our goodest to track them down.

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