Driver Attempts to Race Away From S.F. Cops -- Backwards

Categories: Crime

There's a right way to do the right thing and a wrong way to do the right thing -- and, in this case, a wrong way to do the wrong thing.

Late on Saturday night, an "erratic driver" nearly collided with a police car driven by a pair of officers from Taraval Station at St. Charles and Niantic, close to the Daly City border. When the police stepped outside to assess the situation, the driver took off rapidly -- backwards.

For reasons still unclear, the driver abruptly halted his vehicle several blocks later. The offiers discovered he was driving with a suspended license -- but that was just the beginning of his troubles.

In addition to the expired license, the man was found to be in possession of "a large amount" of what appeared to be cocaine, "packaged for sale." He also had what seemed to be heroin and pot, for good measure.

He was arrested and driven to jail -- in the conventional manner.

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