Bizarre Craigslist Barter of the Week: Elvis Love Triangle

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Most of us wander the Earth lost and forlorn, adrift in an uncaring sea without love to buoy us. It's a strange and wondrous thing, then, when a quick perusal of the Craigslist barter section reveals three seemingly unrelated individuals with the capacity to fulfill one another's desires.

Poster No. 1 has some pretty unremarkable greetings cards up for grabs. Think straw hats and teddy bears, and not particularly well-drawn ones, at that. These cards say, "Mom, I don't really care." In exchange for these cards, he would like (among other things) Three Stooges paraphernalia, cans of nuts, or "Elvis stuff."

Enter Poster No. 2.

He has a "beautiful wooden Elvis wall clock" to barter. Ok, so he wants a T-Mobile phone for it, but that seems incidental in light of the circumstances.

And finally, Poster No. 3 arrives on the scene: 

Poster No. 3 says he wants a wireless PCI card, but how many of
us know what we really want until it's staring us in the face?
Sometimes you think you want a wireless PCI card. But what you need is
to be connected with the other two members of your love trifecta via
the Craigslist barter page. Trust. And this trifecta was made in heaven
because Poster No. Three has brought an unopened Elvis doll to the
party. This one, in fact, which is totally not creepy at all.

Posters Nos. 2 and 3 should meet up with Poster No. 1, who
will then write them thank you cards for sharing their Elvis ephemera. 

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