Copy Cat: Balenciaga knocks Off S.F. Designer. Here Are Some Other Local Looks They Might Like.

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High-end fashion label Balenciaga is accused of ripping off the designs of (now defunct) San Francisco-based leather jacket makers East West Musical Instruments. (We know, the name is confusing.) East West sold to the likes of Janis Joplin and other rockers, and originals can fetch thousands of dollars. Balenciaga's "borrowing without asking" has started a debate about when influence trespasses into the territory of plagiarism. We say, bring on the homages! Also, we've helpfully rounded up some other only-in-San Francisco looks that Balenciaga might be interested in incorporating into their next line.

1. Burning Man Fur
This ubiquitous Burning Man staple easily carries the wearer from the playa to the office. Well, not really, but it happens anyway.

burning man fur.jpg
Mike and Jenny Cash

2. Stripey Thigh-High Tights
This is for the fashionista who wants to look like she is about to either ask you for candy or do burlesque.

3. Being Naked
Okay, it's not really a fashion per se, but it happens all the time. Every political cause from oil spills to gay rights presents an opportunity for San Francisco denizens to shuck off their clothes and paint a protest sign before turning the brush to their nipples.
Jeff Grossman

4. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Sometimes we wake up and look in the mirror and think, "Nope, still don't look as fabulous as a Sister." And then we go back to bed.
Hannah Quevado

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