Convenience Store Robin Hood -- She Stole From the 7-11 and Gave To Random Folks -- Nabbed By Cops

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...And grab a Big Gulp for Will Scarlet!
In our experience, there's very little at a 7-11 worth threatening to kill or maim over -- you don't hear too many folks going on about life, liberty, and the pursuit of pemmican and sodas large enough to hide oversize cans of beer in when you go to the ballpark (wink, wink).

Even still, early yesterday morning, a woman toting a basket full of goodies at a 7-11 on the 3,000 block of San Jose Avenue grew indignant when asked to exchange valid currency for said items, threatened to shoot the counterman, and wandered out into the streets. At this point, according to police reports, she began handing out food to random passersby.

This situation was handled not by the Sheriff of Nottingham or even Sheriff Mike Hennessey but the San Francisco Police Department.
A pair of officers were told by a witness that the woman was hiding out at a nearby Chevron station (good to see folks still say "They went thataway" like in old Westerns) where she was soon spotted hiding behind a parked car.

After she "violently resisted arrest," the woman was taken into custody and booked for robbery.

Unlike Robin Hood, it appears the suspect's M.O. more closely resembled that of Monty Python parody Dennis Moore -- who only stole only lupine flowers to present to the freezing, starving poor ("The cat's just choked to death on a bloody lupine!"). In other words, if you're going to risk your liberty to criminally redistribute the wealth -- make sure there's wealth involved.
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