Your San Francisco DUI Checkpoint Tally

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In a show of gamesmanship perhaps akin to fox hunters blowing a "hunt's up" bugle call before commencing on the ride, the San Francisco Police Department announced it would be setting up a DUI checkpoint in parts unknown from late Saturday until the wee hours of Sunday.

It turns out that checkpoint was near to where Monterey Boulevard brushes against San Jose Avenue (close to Highway 280 and Glen Park BART). And while only a pair of alleged drunks were arrested, the police caught a number of people they say had no business sitting behind the wheel:

  • Vehicles waived through the checkpoint: 401;
  • Vehicles entering the checkpoint: 302;
  • Field Sobriety tests administered: 7;
  • Preliminary Alcohol Screening tests administered: 2;
  • Drunk Driving Arrests: 2.
  • Number of folks who ostensibly "didn't see" officers and blew right through the traffic stop: 23;
  • Vehicles towed because driver didn't have a license -- and never did: 11;
  • Vehicles towed because owner's license was suspended or revoked: 3;
  • Vehicles towed for expired registration of six months or greater: 1;

Funding for the DUI checkpoint emanated from the state Office of Traffic Safety via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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