Gay Marriage Fail: The Twittersphere Responds to Prop. 8 Ruling

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Twitter's Fail Whale

We've been live-tweeting the Prop. 8 happenings over at @SF_Weekly for the past few hours but have also been keeping a close eye on the response from our fellow twits. Here's a sampling of the mixed (but predictable) sentiments:

@roxaloxa: California fails, sad day.

@JayRodriguez: Right now Iowans are looking at Californians and saying, "Fucking rednecks."

@ginatrapani: California upholds Prop 8; my legal marriage (1 of 18,000) stands. *facepalm*

@dmuth: F*ck you, California. Thanks for trampling on human rights

@mindshifter: Prop 8 upheld. Religion poisons everything.

@littlekfru: I-O-W-A. IOWA can legalize gay marriage but California can't keep their law on the books? WTF is up with that. Complete fail. #fail #prop8

@jillybiehn: C'mon, Cali, gay people have just as much right to lose half their stuff as everyone else. 

@KenNiko: Welcome to America, 1949... oh, wait... I mean 2009.

@TaylorBarr: I am saddened by the court's prop8 ruling in California it is depressing that so much intolerance still exists in this world

@AGM13: Prop 8 upheld. Popular vote rules! Marriage = man and woman.

@mattmorris: Still married. Angry, though, that my marriage certificate just became a collector's item. #prop8

@ Jean_Wennlund: I hope there are riots.

@Saliana Generally I agree, but not all churches are against people's rights. Mine marches in prop8 protests and has openly gay ministers.

itslikemalloryy: Why is everyone criticizing California Supreme? that president that you voted for, yeah, he's against gay marriage too. go get him.

@thatgirlallison: California sucks! i'm ashamed to have been born there!

@ginatrapani: Framing my limited edition marriage certificate. WTF Supreme Court?

@vtmnwtr: :( :( :( :( :( prop8

See more Prop. 8 reactions as they roll in here.
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