Snapshots: SFMOMA's New Rooftop Sculpture Garden

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It was not an ideal morning for the SFMOMA to debut their rooftop sculpture garden. The day was gray with a light, sideways-falling mist coating the outdoor sculptures in a layer of dampness. Nonetheless, a healthy crush of reporters a packed a room fragrant with Blue Bottle coffee being served from the new cafe.

The new addition to the museum features two indoor exhibition areas connected via a window-enclosed bridge, and two outdoor areas: one small and oblong, the other spacious. The large area showcases several outdoor sculptures, including the igloo-like Lens of Rotterdam, by Mario Merz, (I'm pretty sure you could climb inside this thing if you really tried, but you definitely shouldn't) pictured above, and Kiki Smith's Virgin Mary, below. (Fun fact: Kiki Smith's artwork can be seen in the background of the Uma Thurman's character's art gallery in the movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It's probably the best thing about the movie.) Other artists represented include Ellsworth Kelly and Alexander Calder.

More pictures after the jump, including pastries inspired by Mondrian and (of course) Wayne Thiebaud. Adorable!

These cornucopia-like structures are by artist Ranjani Shettar and occupy the same space as the somewhat terrifying structure pictured below, by artist Louise Bourgeois. Nothing whets the appetite for delicate coffee drinks like the feeling a sculpture may come to life and spear you through the back.
The man's head below, called No Pain, by Robert Arneson, looks on while you sip your coffee.

A collection of Wayne Thiebaud inspired cakes garnered a thin sheen of moisture when posed outside.

While I'm sure this has been done before, these cakes were faithful reproductions and it took a certain amount of self control not to drag my finger through the icing that was heaped on with the same panache Thiebaud applied to painting canvases.
And finally, as promised, Modrian cake.
The rooftop garden opens to the public May 10 and the cafe opens May 12.

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