Red-Letter Day: City Attorney Follows Through on Threat to Sue Post Office

You're sued, pal
In an extremely fitting move, City Attorney Dennis Herrera last month sent a letter to the local U.S. Attorney's office -- informing them of his threat to sue the post office. His follow-through today came not via post but the more traditional venue of a press conference.

Herrera today announced he has filed a federal suit against the post office for letter carriers' failure to deliver mail to the individual post boxes of SRO tenants; local policy is still to toss the mail in a pile by the door. Serving a community that often receives assistance checks -- and medical notices -- via the post, one can see why it's a poor idea to dump mail on the floor of an SRO. The post office has claimed that "fiscal shortages" compel them to not sort mail delivered to SROs. This argument does not impress Herrera.

"As the San Francisco Postmaster, Noemi Luna, informed the City, USPS thinks that the fair treatment of San Francisco's low income residents and the security of their mail costs too much money," reads Herrera's letter stating his intention to sue. "The city asks that USPS immediately reconsider it's position. ... The Postal Service's delivery policy inflicts profound harm on some of the City's most vulnerable residents, and it does so to save few dollars."

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