Prop 8 Advocates: Grandfathering Gay Marriages Akin to Letting Landowners Keep Slaves After Abolition

One problematic book.
Press releases gloating over today's California Supreme Court 6-1 decision upholding the constitutionality of Prop 8 (and lamenting the grandfathering in of marriages already performed) have poured from Prop 8 proponents into the inboxes of the media. All have been infuriating, of course, but the release from Liberty Counsel, the non-profit law firm that represents the California Campaign for Families, is downright ridiculous. 

The press release compares letting gay people stay married after today's ruling to letting slaves stay owned in America after slavery was abolished. Yep. They've actually brought our country's greatest civil rights victory into an argument about taking civil rights away from another minority group.

"A constitutional amendment like this one means that going forward, that which happened in the past is no longer recognized," the release stated. "When the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified, slavery was abolished. Slave holders could not claim grandfather rights to own another person."

The irony here is amazing, especially considering the frequency with which the bible -- yes, the same bible that has triggered all this gay-hating -- has for 18 centuries been used by some to justify the ownership of slaves. Passages in the bible not only condone slavery but in some cases provide regulations for it, and only in the late 17th century, when slavery began to fall out of moral favor, did some Christians begin to change their tune on the subject.

Hopefully it won't take quite so long with gay marriage.

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