Paint Ball -- Time For Annual S.F. Baseball Art Show (And Not a Portrait of a Syringe In Sight)

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Arthur Miller
Now there's a guy who never imbibed female fertility drugs. Say Hey!

Yesterday's revelation that Manny Ramirez -- arguably the greatest right-handed hitter in a generation -- tested positive for artificial testosterone from a female fertility drug was a worldview-altering event. I did not think it possible that Ramirez -- the sort of idiosyncratic, half-bright fellow one can imagine driving away from a Chevron station with the nozzle still dangling out of his gas tank, or ordering "fresh wine" at a restaurant, or stuffing millions of dollars worth of checks in a shoebox in his locker (wait -- he really did do that) -- could be organized enough to adhere to a drug regimen. Even still, it's a miracle he didn't leave his drugs at a Dunkin' Donuts or insert them in the wrong orifice.

At times, one feels a sucker for following baseball (or, indeed, any government subsidy-hogging, steroid-munching pro sport -- or the ridiculously hypocritical world of "amateur athletics"). Sometimes you just want to take a break and stroll into a place where the grass is always green and Willie Mays is still batting third. Thank God for the George Krevsky Gallery's annual baseball exhibit. It couldn't come soon enough.

The Krevsky show costs as much as peering through the right field fence at AT&T Park -- that is nada. And, as always, it features a number of stunning baseball-related works. Here's a couple of local heroes:

Chris Felix
San Francisco Seals legend Lefty O'Doul quaffed plenty of G&Ts, but no HGH

John Musgrove
Willie "Stretch" McCovey

"First pitch" for the show is on Saturday. For more information, click here.

Jason Robichau
"Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax..."

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