Oops, He Did It Again: Serial Evictee 'Tenant From Hell' John Getzow Sued By Yet Another Landlord

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Last year, SF Weekly's John Geluardi profiled the curious case of "Dr." John Getzow. It turned out that Getzow didn't have a license to practice medicine in this state -- but he did have a trail of evictions going back to the George H.W. Bush administration including at least seven litigated in San Francisco since 2002.

Well, you can chalk up No. 8.

Court papers indidcate Getzow was sued by yet another peeved landlord in March; a settlement hearing is scheduled for Wednesday and, barring a last-minute accord, a jury trial will start on May 11.

Geluardi's piece revealed a man who, apparently, racked up evictions the way some men acquired hunting trophies -- so it's a valid question of whether Getzow was unable, or merely unwilling, to pony up the $375 a week rate at the Balmoral Hotel Residence Club at 1010 Bush Street.

Unlike other landlords -- whom Getzow has taken for thousands of dollars -- the manager at the Balmoral served the serial evictee with a three-day notice when the tenant was $ 750 behind in rent. One wonders what Getzow does with all of his eviction notices.

Our calls to the residence club were not answered. It is unclear if Getzow, who is representing himself in this case, is still squatting in his room.

Read the original article here.

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I got the unfortunate pleasure of meeting the "Doctor" personally. I posted an ad for a roommate on Craig's List. It was my fault for being desperate. He comes off nice like all good con artists do, but I had to give him notice to leave immediately. It was the longest few weeks ever. He wanted paperwork, and everything in writing, even though I was technically doing this under the table. I was tipped off by his previous renter. When he was getting boxes, she gave me her card and simply said "google him"...that was all I needed. My girlfriend offered to move in immediately so we could push him out. He didn't have a car, and told lots of stories that were very hard to swallow...a true deadbeat. In the end I just felt sorry for him, and I was able to move on without further confrontation. Karma is a bitch, and I just hope he gets his.

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