Local Mountain Bike Pioneer Gary Fisher Endows 'Chair In Kid Fun'

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Brads girls photo.jpg
Bradley Woehl and his progeny on the go
Gary Fisher, the local mountain bike luminary whose name is plastered on hundreds of thousands of bicycles worldwide, has endowed a San Francisco chair in kid fun, reports local bike shop owner Bradley Woehl.

Well, it's not exactly a chair, as the accompanying photo demonstrates, but rather an enclosed bench seat at the front of a special Bakfiets brand Dutch-made bicycle. Fisher, whose enthusiasms have lately encompassed urban as well as wilderness cycling, used the $3,000 bike to tote his kids around, then gave it to Woehl for his daughters -- but only on the condition Woehl would eventually hand it down free to yet another family.

"My girls named the bike 'Gary' after two great characters -- Mr. Fisher and Spongebob's pet snail," says Woehl, proprietor of American Cyclery at Frederick and Stanyan Streets.

Fisher says giving away a bike whose price is as high as a used automobile was a no-brainer.

"Kids deserve quality stuff. Kids thrive when there's a kid's world out there and it's not just a place for grownups. Having this bike in particular is like that; it hauls the kids up front, so they can see what's ahead, and they don't have to look at the parent's behind," Fisher says. "Other parents come out of the store, and their eyes get big -- kind of like when the mountain bike first started. I just wanted to see it be used again for the right purpose -- to help kids."

We believe Fisher's idea to be perfectly laudable. But we're nonetheless concerned about the message his endowment sends to families such as that of your correspondent, whose children have been compelled to look at their father's backside:

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