Man Arrested for Battery (Theft)

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The Taraval Police Station blotter carries yet another story of a thief with prior convictions getting nabbed for (very) petty theft. This week's story is posted below:

05/27/09  5:25pm                                 200 block of West Portal

A man walked into Walgreen's on West Portal, stole batteries without paying for them, and fled down West Portal to Vicente. Officers ... obtained a description and located the suspect. The resident of the 300 block of Leland was arrested for felony theft (due to a prior theft conviction), possession of narcotics paraphernalia and a probation violation.

Criminals always ignore our sage advice, but we feel compelled to reiterate that if you have priors you've already proven that you have no aptitude for evading prosecution and should probably give up your thieving ways. Especially if you feel compelled to steal something as insignificant as a pack of batteries. Especially when you happen to have "narcotics paraphenalia" on your person.

Also, while we find that the Taraval blotter is one of the best-written around, we're compelled to point out that it'd be a neat trick to pay for something and also steal it.

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