Local Folks Make Good: Arkansas Town Wishes the Best to Couple Headed to San Francisco -- With Their Terrifying, 9-Foot-Tall Beastie

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Welcome to our fair city!
The article in the Fayetteville Flier opens thusly: There really isn't anything better as far as we're concerned than a story about Fayetteville people doing extraordinary things, and getting some recognition for it. This is one of those stories.

Look, we're self-admitted San Francisco chauvinists -- but even we admit there's better possibilities in the universe than local folks getting good publicity. Local folks getting good publicity -- and toting a nine-foot-tall moose-thing mobile sculpture across the country that'll scare the bejesus out of everyone younger than seven? Now that's a story.

Enter Haley Duke and Mark Krause (right), Fayetteville's finest, who will head to our fair city this weekend for the fourth-annual Maker's Faire. For whatever reason, the Flier cropped the photo you see here above the couple's necklines; viewing the whole thing we think they'll fit in here just fine. But for a really shocking image, click on the jump and see what the couple is dragging to San Francisco in the overhead baggage compartment.

Look, we were not kidding when we noted how this ingenious Arkansas couple's creation, "The Swamp Kirin" could alter the childhoods of countless Bay Area tots. How'd you like to wake up with that creature standing at the foot of your bed?

Those who miss the couple and their amazing Kirin at Maker's Faire can always catch them late next month at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks -- which is open six days a week!

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