Inevitable Porn Deal Offered to Miss California

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It's been a downward spiral for the beleaguered Miss California, Carrie Prejean. During the interview portion of the Miss USA contest, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton asked Prejean about her thoughts on gay marriage. Prejean replied that "...marriage should be between and man and a woman. That's how I was raised." That's also how several eyebrows were raised. Prejan stuck her pink pump in her mouth with such swiftness and finality, it was difficult to imagine things getting much worse. But then she teamed up with the National Organization for Marriage and shot an anti-gay marriage ad. (Posted above.)

Then there was the rumored comradery between Prejean and Sarah Palin. And then news broke that the Miss California pageant paid for Prejean's breast augmentation. And then a Web site posted nude photos of a woman they say is Prejean, which led pageant officials to explore whether or not Prejean had violated her contract, enabling them to strip her of her title. (Parsing the reasoning of an organization that pays for breast implants but wags their fingers over topless photos is a separate conversation.)

Well, things may be looking up for Prejean as the inevitable offer of a well-compensated porn debut has been made. Vivid Entertainment has offered Prejean one million dollars to star in an adult movie. The porn industry is such that it hardly requires promotion of any kind, but offering a scanalized woman a porn gig for an eye-popping amount of money that will inevitably be turned down is a surefire (and free) way to drum up some publicity.

In a press release circulated yesterday, Steve Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid, said that the company is "extending a business offer to Ms. Prejean without any preconceptions about her religious or personal beliefs" (wouldn't it be nice if Prejean could extend the same courtesy to others?) and that "A movie with Vivid-Celeb could be an important step for her
towards expanding her horizons."

When the nude photos surfaced, Prejean quickly cried foul, saying the Web site was attempting to impugn her Christianity. (It's seems more likely they were impugning her family friendly marriage-is-for-heteros image. I
mean, Christianity itself celebrates a gloriously topless savior. But we digress.) Who knows what Prejean will assume is being impugned by Vivid's offer? We know this: Kirk Cameron has a much better shot at getting her in a movie.  

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