Great Highway 'Road Warrior' Runs Afoul of the Law

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Forgive us for pointing this out on the cusp of Bike to Work Day, but a car is a useful device. It is not, however, a debating tool -- and a man who was using it for that dubious purpose was arrested on Monday.

The San Francisco Police Department received a report from a woman driving on Great Highway near Sloat Boulevard that a man was attempting to pass her on the shoulder. He then tailgated her car ominously before intentionally ramming his car into her rear bumper.

A verbal altercation ensued with the woman's passenger, following which the enraged gent resumed piloting his car into the woman's vehicle -- twice.

The suspect was eventually tracked to his home, where he was arrested by the Pacifica Police Department and booked  on three counts of felony assault. Quite seriously, score this one for the bike advocates -- this would never have happened if these folks were all riding cycles -- and, if it had, the miscreant would have been picked up long before he made it back to Pacifica.
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