Dos Equis 'Interesting Man' is Entirely Too Common

Interesting men are all too common lately
I'll admit it -- I listen to a lot of Energy 92.7. And over the past weeks and months, that's meant I've been repeatedly subjected to Dos Equis' "Interesting Man," commercials. You know, the one's about the old guy with the spray-on tan who doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, he prefers Dos Equis. The guy who is apparently responsible for the sun coming up an hour later on May 6 so as not to spoil his Cinco De Mayo party. The one who teaches dogs to bark in Spanish...

The "Interesting Man" campaign recently expanded to television, winning over plenty of viewers including Slate's Seth Stevenson, who recently gave it the kind of wideyed, toothless blow job the media normally reserved for Barack Obama. The tag line of Stevenson's story actually made me wince: "The quirky genius of the Dos Equis Ad Campaign."

Genius? Genius! Last I checked, genius required originality. Improbable one-liners describing an allegedly interesting man flooded pop culture in 2005, with "Chuck Norris Facts." Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird. He sweats Gatorade. His tears cure cancer...Too bad he's never cried. Etc., etc., etc. 

Some of those one liners, I have to say, are funny. But the larger theme under which they are generated is extremely tired. Chuck Norris Facts were spun off, and in some cases stolen from, the Vin Diesel Fact Generator (which also generated facts about Mr. T And Bob Saget). And the Vin Diesel Fact Generator was clearly a rip off of the 1996 Saturday Night Live sketch, Bill Brasky, which involved a couple of alcoholics sitting around reminiscing about their superhuman friend. Bill Brasky inhaled a seagull, scissor kicked Angela Landsbury, and sweated Gatorade, by the way.

Additionally, in January of 2008 an outfit calling itself "Creased Comics" released a YouTube video entitled "George Washington," which gave us an untold history of our first president. FYI, the original George W had a pocket full of horses and fucked the shit out of bears.

Whoever created the Dos Equis "Interesting Man" campaign probably saw that, too. I'm not saying that ad campaigns have to be ground-breaking, side-splitting material. They almost never are. (The obvious exception is Burger King's "I Like Square Butts" campaign. Full disclosure: My friend wrote it). But anyway, in conclusion I think we can all agree that the Dos Equis campaign is hardly genius and men are hardly interesting.

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