Craigslist Claims It's Dropping 'Erotic Services' Ads -- At a Leisurely Pace: You Can Still Find 'Ass Fit For A King' For Time Being

Internet provider of everything -- literally everything -- Craigslist today announced it will do away with its lawsuit-magnet "Erotic Services" section and replace it with a new "adult" category that will be monitored by staff.

Fit for a king, eh?
That being said, those with a need for a "Gorgeous Blonde Bombshell" or "SweEt & PeTiTe....SexXxy Blk/AsiAn HOTTIE!!!!!!!!" are not entirely out of luck -- the ads won't expire for another week. "Erotic" is still listed as a service both on the local and out-of-state Craigslist pages. Users now have to wade through a series of warnings regarding human trafficking, exploitation of minors, calling Mom on Mother's Day, etc.

Will this resolve the ire of legal eagles gunning for Craigslist founder Craig Newmark (as noted in last week's SF Weekly cover story, "Craigslist Declassified")? That's a trickier question than, say, how "Treasure" plans to "Spice up your night."

"They've made promises to attorneys general in the past," noted Daniel Gallagher, the attorney prosecuting a Cook County, Ill. lawsuit against Craigslist. "I'm not going to take their word for it, we want to see action."

You want to see action? Could you have worded this a little better, counselor?

Finally, we are not unaware that, if Craigslist abrogates its connection with the erotic service business, weekly newspapers featuring racy ads in the back pages could well be the beneficiaries.

Please folks -- behave. Don' t name a killer after us.

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