Class Action Lawsuit Sticks It To Kaiser For Allegedly Double Charging on Co-Pays

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A Contra Costa County woman has filed a class action lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente in federal court in San Francisco, claiming the health care provider double-charged her co-pay in a case that her attorney says could affect "hundreds, potentially thousands" of policyholders who've recovered money from third-party settlements.  

When looking at just the lead plaintiff's case, it looks like small beans. Nicole Glaus of Concord paid a $20 co-pay on $517.20 total medical costs at Kaiser after she was rear-ended in her car. She later collected over $4,000 in damages from the person who crashed into her, but Kaiser didn't credit her the $20 she had already paid, charging the full $517.20.

But her attorney, Dan Feinberg, says that Kaiser could have inappropriately pocketed millions of dollars when you factor in numerous similar cases. "If you steal a million dollars from one person, you're gonna have a lawsuit. But if you steal it by small cuts, you can get away with it until someone files a class action to stop you," he says.

On Friday afternoon, Kaiser Permanente spokesman Marc Brown said he wouldn't comment on the pending lawsuit, filed May 20. 

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