Bizarre Craigslist Barter of the Week: Have Car, Need Rims, So...

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Look, to paraphrase Lincoln, honesty is one of the better policies. So, let's be honest. You've got a chicken coop. It may have four wheels (or close to that) and a windshield, and it may even say "Datsun" on the exterior. All we're saying is, it's...

                                 The Bizarre Craigslist Barter of the Week

Wow -- it's sure something
"Eddie" has a hell of a deal for you. If you've got 20-inch rims for a '97 Camaro ("or a 5-lug or something that might be of interest" -- like what? A stereoopticon?) then he'll be happy to offer you his 1971 Datsun 510. One small hitch: She no work: "Car donsent run though so it would need to be towed(either by trailer or by 2-wheel tow hitch), has low tires and one flat tire. Missing
front grill and light assembly."

Hitch No. 2: Car is in Fresno. And, Hitch No. 3, it's hollow: "decent interior but needs seats and other accessories...". Never before have we heard car seats referred to as "accessories."

Eddie feels his car is "a vary good project car if giving the time, money, and effort." He's "willing to negociate on my price and on any trade offer" of how much you'll have to give up for the privilege of doing his hauling work for him. Perhaps he'd be willing to throw in some of the other cars in similar condition revealed in the accompanying photograph. Maybe the trailer, too.

Click on the jump for more photos of this magnificent vehicle.

Sans seats and other "accessories"
Yep, low tires and a flat, just like you promised
Wrecked DatsunEngine.jpg
The engine -- that doesn't work and doesn't appear to be in the car

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