Is He Sponge Worthy? Local Company Makes This An Easier Decision.


The real-life discontinuation of the women's contraceptive, the Today Sponge, inspired one of the most memorable episodes of the television show Seinfeld. Upon discovering that her birth control method of choice would soon disappear from stores, the sexually active (and apparently responsible) Elaine Benes went on a hoarding binge, buying every sponge she could find in the five boroughs and stacking them in her closet like prophylactic Jenga. The limited availability of the sponge led her to evaluate her sexual partners carefully, musing, "Are you sponge worthy?" and thus gifting the women of America with a handy catchphrase to toss about when deciding whether or not a potential suitor deserved entrance to their special no-no place.

Well, muse no longer Elaines of the world. The makers of the Today Sponge, Mayer Laboratories, located right across the bridge in Berkeley, announced today that they will be reintroducing the Today Sponge to US markets.

You can stop being so miserly with your vintage birth control when sponges arrive at CVS/Longs and Walgreens this month.
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