Anonymous Hones Battle Plans For Scientology Protest of Psychiatric Convention This Weekend

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So the Church of Scientology will be out in droves this weekend to protest the American Psychiatric Association's convention at Moscone Center this upcoming Saturday through Thursday. The Citizens Commission for Human Rights, the anti-psychiatry activist arm of Scientology, will have folks gathering from all over the West Coast to man the menacingly named "Psychiatry: Industry of Death" exhibit at the convention and to march down Market Street on Saturday.

A busload of Scientologists will be coming up from Los Angeles. In the past, celebrity Scientologists Kelly Preston and Kirstie Alley have shown up for the San Francisco protest (though we're wondering if the self-proclaimed "Fat Actress" can march much of anywhere these days).

Yet this year, this won't just be a battle between Scientologists and convention-going psychiatrists. We posted a couple weeks back that the Scientologists would be confronted by Anonymous, the masked crusaders against Scientology that sprung off the Internet over a year ago to protest outside Scientology "orgs" across the globe.

It should be quite the scene on Saturday. According to their message board, Anonymous has organized to have a barricaded "free speech zone" right next to the Scientologists' outside the Moscone Center, and will be marching right alongside the Scientologists down Market Street to Justin Hermann Plaza. On Saturday night, they plan to have a night "raid," their term for picketing, outside the San Francisco Church on Columbus.

Prepare for the showdown.
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