Among Possessions of 'Landlords From Hell' Revealed in Bankruptcy Filing: Nifty $1k Handgun

There's $1,000 toward your debt...
In the current edition of SF Weekly, we feature a story about the ongoing saga of Kip and Nicole Macy -- who earned the sobriquet "Landlords From Hell" after being accused of, among other transgressions, hacking the joists supporting a tenant's floor, hacking a tenant's e-mail, and  burglarizing and spreading ammonia on their renters' possessions.

It's of limited solace to the doused tenants, but it could have been worse: Among the possessions the landlord couple claimed in their recent Chapter Seven bankruptcy filing was a Sig Sauer handgun valued at $1,000. This piece, incidentally, is in the District Attorney's safekeeping.

Glancing up and down the 47-page document, the Macys appear to own remarkably few possessions for a couple with more than $1 million in property (and $1.5 million in liabilities). Also, we discovered no goods indicating a mindset of the sort the "Landlords From Hell" are accused of possessing (Williams-Sonoma Ammonia cozies?) Here's what we did find: 
  • Again, for a couple with addresses in Sausalito and Incline Village, the Macys seem to have remarkably few possessions of worth (at this point, at least). They claim to own only $1,000 in apparel for the both of them (that's 500 V-neck undershirts from Old Navy, sure -- but, still, this doesn't sound like much for a couple of means). The value of Nicole's wedding ring, however: $5,000.
  • Only $500 worth of books. That's just depressing.
  • They have 21 months remaining on a lease for an Audi A4, but the cars they own -- a 1995 Jeep Wranger and a '94 Volvo 940 -- are valued at $3,000 and $1,500, respectively.
  • Finally, here's the kicker. The bankruptcy filing holds out "unkown" amounts of money for potential claims against Jake's Bail Bonds for failure to renew a bond and (this is the one that caught our eye) Andrew Zacks, one of the city's more prominent landlord attorneys, for "legal malpractice."
Careful, Zacks! The DA's got the piece, but ammonia is cheap and plentiful.

Yes, that is an image of a Sig Sauer P220 Match. Buy one here

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