Welcome to San Francisco Ken -- Here's a Lawsuit. Interior Secretary Slapped With Suit During His Brief City Visit

Mission accomplished!
The other day we noted how the Center for Biological Diversity was off to answer the David Letterman-worthy query: Can a man in a bear suit hand an environmental petition to the Secretary of the Interior?

It turns out he can: The group sent out an e-mail claiming its 52,000-strong petition to repeal a couple of Bush Administration rollbacks to the Endangered Species Act was successfully passed to Secretary Ken Salazar as he attended yesterday's Mission Bay hearing on offshore regulations.

And yet, Salazar may have been handed other, less pleasant papers by a man likely not outfitted in a polar bear suit: During the secretary's stay in San Francisco, he was hit by a lawsuit in the city's district court. The Natural Resources Defense Council accuses the United States of failing to abide by that same Endangered Species Act by failing to designate "critical habitat" for the two-inch long Tidewater Goby.

If Salazar is bummed out, he isn't showing it -- and he isn't reacting vindictively against San Francisco. In fact, while at the Ferry Building, he announced a $30 million upgrade to the region's earthquake network including replacing some machines that hail from the Johnson administration.

Not that this means much to the Tidewater Goby population.
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