Update: Police Offer Details On How Alleged Serial Robbers Were Caught

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A trio of alleged serial robbers' distinctive red car (not this one) caught the SFPD's attention
NOTE: Sgt. James O'Malley notes that the three men arrested April 4 are not believed to be the three men responsible for 18 armed and strong-arm robberies in the Park Merced area between Feb. 4 and March 29. Unless arrested for unrelated crimes, those three men are ostensibly at large.

The trio of men police allege were responsible for a rash of late-night and early morning San Francisco robberies seem to have violated what we could call Ferris Bueller's First Law: You just can't maintain a low profile when you're zipping around in a red car.

On 7:15 a.m. on Saturday, three men jumped out of a red Volkswagen four-door at Holloway and Denslowe in the early morning hours, knocked over a woman, and stole her purse. The victim's description of the car rang a few bells for the responding officers, who connected it to a 6:54 a.m. ATM robbery not far from Glen Park BART.

Shortly thereafter, police noticed a red Volkswagen heading south on 19th Avenue and Winston. A witness to the Holloway and Denslowe robbery identified the suspects. Swag from both robberies was found within the car -- as were items taken from a man at 6:30 a.m. at 23rd and Noe who was threatened with a handgun and hit over the head with a tire iron.

The busy suspects, who live in Richmond, were arrested on three counts of robbery and conspiracy -- and perhaps more may be coming.

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