'Pornographers Against Free Press' Plan Weekend Protest

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Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! The free press has got to go!

No, seriously.

SF Weekly
's current lead news column has apparently incited a mass protest movement among pornographers opposed to freedom of the press. Ironically, in light of recent national headlines, this anti-free-speech sensibility seems to coincide with a taste for depictions of CIA-style sexualized torture.

The column in question reports that during the past three years, California taxpayers have spent nearly $50,000 subsidizing employee training for pornographer Kink.com, known for paying people to let themselves be beaten, electroshocked, impaled, and, yes, waterboarded.

As of early Thursday evening, Web comments were running 38 to two against. [Many came from those professing to be workers at Kink.com.]

Interestingly, commenters didn't object to any stated opinion in the Matt Smith opinion column. Rather, a running theme was that this piece of news -- and one would have to seriously misunderstand journalism to think government-sponsored S&M porn isn't capital-N news -- should have been suppressed to further the cause of free expression.

This is a pretty perverse posture for members of a porn industry wont to hide behind the First Amendment. But I'm told perverse postures are standard fare at Kink.com's Old Armory headquarters.

More enticing still, a commenter masked by the riotous moniker "Free Speech" announced that torture-porn aficionados and their fellow travelers will launch an actual pro-government-secrecy protest movement this weekend, putting up posters, organizing a boycott, and demanding an apology from SF Weekly for publishing information about the state porn subsidy.

To wit, from comment #37:

Boycott posters will be going up around the city beginning this weekend.

Write to the Editor and to the reporter and let them know that this is
unacceptable "journalism" that has caused undue harm to the community.

We want a public and formal apology AND the article taken down for it's lack of journalistic contribution.

Lastly, We want a redaction of the hateful term "torture porn" with regards to
the safe,sane and consensual acts among two people.

Until such time that these conditions have been met-We will encourage everyone to
boycott the SFweekly and pull their ad space. INCLUDING THE ADULT

We love, we respect and we will not be ignored.
The Snitch sez: Be there, or be square.

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