Taxi Driver Offers Rides Around City In Exchange For Innocuous Swag (and Bullets)

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Travis Bickle, too, had a soft-spot for tax preparation
So, you remember that old Sesame Street game "One of these things is not like the others"? Let's see if you can apply that logic to this ad from Craigslist's "barter" section, in which a San Francisco taxi driver offers to ferry folks around town in exchange for numerous innocuous items (and one that raises many, many red flags).

We'll make it easy for you and we'll bold the red-flag swag:

So I drive a cab 5 days a week (Saturday - Wednesday) from before dawn to early afternoon. I know people hate MUNI, hate to drive, and love to be driven around by smart people who know everything about everything (i.e. cab drivers), but don't like to spend the $. So if you're still reading this, you're intrigued to the point of wondering what I would take in trade. I have a soft spot in my heart for tax preparation, website design & hosting, HDTV's, comic book graphic novels, cigarettes, people who like to clean apartments, people who are good at rewriting resumes (so I can go back to working outside the taxi industry), pro sports jerseys, gift cards, lcd computer monitors, baseball tickets, comped meals at restaurants, size 13 sneakers, massages, nine millimeter ammunition, digital cameras, Rumba accessories, dental work, and much much more.
Things he doesn't like include long-haired pimps who peddle 12-year-old prostitutes, Albert Brooks, and folks who don't know the answer to the rhetorical question "You talkin' to me?"

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