Slow-Sex Movement Picking up Speed: Documentaries, Books, and an Upcoming Lecture Series from SF's One Taste

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Nicole Daedone -- the founder of San Francisco's orgasmic meditation center One Taste (and pictured above) -- is all about intimacy. And lately, that intimacy has been getting broadcasted into the stratosphere.

After a front-page story in the style section of the New York Times on One Taste (which sort of annoyed us), the phones have been ringing off the hook. The story, which was also published in the International Herald Tribune, led to inquiries from other newspapers (i.e. the New York Post) and magazines like Elle and Vanity Fair, says One Taste resident and PR woman Justine Dawson. CBS also rang. One Taste found itself discussed across the blogosphere, and Daedone was especially happy about the response from one particular group. "The feminists have been fabulous," she said.

Combining aspects of Buddhism and female sexual empowerment, the retreat specializes in what Daedone refers to as "mindful sexuality." Each morning, about 40 resident researchers gather in a large auditorium for "OMing" sessions, which are mainly dedicated to exploring female sexual pleasure. One Taste's Web site, videos, and evening sessions are all open to non-residents, and if all this really piques your curiosity, it's probably worth checking out SF Weekly's cover story on One Taste, written back in 2007. Do we know how to spot a brewing cultural revolution or what?    

Daedone has also been approached with three different propositions for documentary films (one profiling residents, one "how to" on orgasmic meditation, and one on the philosophy and science behind One Taste) and a couple of book ideas. She's in the process of writing her own memoir, and tomorrow night at 7 p.m. she'll be the first speaker in a montly lecture series held at the center, located at 1074 Folsom Street. Her topic: "The Intimate Life."

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