S.F. Impresario Claims Partner In Exhibiting Pro Basketball Games Ripped Him Off for $124K. NBA Action -- It's Faaaantastic!

Basketball can be beautiful -- but not when your buddies are (allegedly) bilking you out of hundreds of thousands of dollars
In a case that we will refrain from spicing up with any references to whistles for hard fouls, the Palace at Auburn Hills Melee, or any other NBA basketball arcana, a local man has filed suit in San Francisco superior court claiming his business partner owes him nearly $124,000 following their joint venture of putting on preseason NBA basketball games.

San Franciscan Eric Banner last week filed suit against Tim Johnson and his company, Pentacorp, claiming the defendant never paid him the money he's due for staging five NBA exhibitions. After an initial investment of $10,000 and a $5,000 profit, Banner opted to roll his expenditure into additional investments in staging NBA games -- a move, in retrospect, that turned out as well as John Starks' dry-shooting spree in Game 7 of the 1994 Finals (Whoops! Basketball reference -- won't happen again).
Banner claims he gave Johnson more than $118,000 to hold four more NBA preseason games in locales around the nation with an agreement that he'd take home 25 percent of the gross profits. Yet the plaintiff claims Johnson has held onto this money for years with the tenacity of Bill Russell guarding the lane (Shit! Sorry.).

The defendant is now calling for his $123,696.98 -- roughly as much money as LeBron James earns for every three quarters of regular season basketball he plays. 

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