When Pamphlet's Gonna Write About Us -- We Write About It!

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Don't look now -- but they're mad at us again

In the latest installment of "House of Mirrors," a special SF Weekly feature where we write about it when a certain political pamphlet writes about us, so that they'll write about us again, so we can write about them again -- thus dispensing with the need for finding news or readers -- a man named Tim Redmond  left a message today asking to interview columnist Matt Smith.

The question was necessitated: So Smith's become an interview-worthy newsmaker?

Did he kill some people?

Or perfect cold fusion?

Or discover secret BART tunnels? 

According to the pamphlet's apparent news judgment scale, Smith did something nearly as fascinating: He wrote a column containing information not adhering to an ideological scheme cooked up over in pamphlet-land.

Smith's column this week unearths the fun fact that California taxpayers have spent nearly $50,000 to over three years to train producers of torture-themed porn at Kink.com. Smith deleted Redmond's message before it finished playing. But Smith does remember that Redmond seemed to be asking why Smith seemed to believe something that Redmond didn't believe.

Ball's in your court, pamphlet-writing dude. Send us another interview request -- about this item -- so we can write about it!

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