Welcome to San Francisco, Capital of Anti-Muslim Hate Speech

And you thought JROTC was bad
Is San Francisco, political-correctness capital of the known world, secretly a bastion of anti-Muslim hate speech?

That's the impression you'd get these days from reading the publicity broadsides from the Washington, D.C.-based American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, which has been highlighting hate, hate and more hate emanating from the Bay Area towards Muslims and those of Arab descent.

The group's offensive began earlier this month, with a short opinion piece in the San Francisco Chronicle that lambasted local radio station KSFO for "intolerant sound bites" that mentioned a string of less-than-attractive traditions among some Muslims, such as anti-Semitism and female circumcision.

A clipping of the article was mailed back to the group from the Bay Area, with the word "BULLSHIT" scrawled across it. Also enclosed by the thoughtful respondent was the following message: "EVERY ONE OF YOU GODDAM (sic) ARAB TERRORIST MURDERERS SHOULD BE WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH! REMEMBER 911!!!" (You can see a copy of the letter here.)

The letter was even mailed in an envelope with a stamp reading "The Clinton Legacy," with a zero-cent denotation. What a wag.

However, this epistolary crusader may have inadvertently helped the committee raise some cash for more of whatever it does when it's not putting out the brush fires of San Francisco intolerance.

"No one should be subject to such hateful language and with your help we can work together to defeat hate," reads the statement put out by the anti-discrimination committee about the letter. "Every contribution counts. Give $5, $25, $500, or anything you are able to give and please, help ADC fight the hate!"

Photo by Arbron.
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