Michela Alioto-Pier for Lt. Governor?

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Michela Alioto-Pier

We got a tip earlier this week from a usually reliable political insider that Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier is considering a run for lieutenant governor. According to the source, Alioto-Pier has been putting out feelers to test the idea of making a bid for the most useless job in Sacramento.

If you believe the city attorney, Alioto-Pier is termed out next year and can't run for the most useless job in San Francisco again. (As the Weekly reported earlier, Alioto-Pier and her lawyers disagree.) Alioto-Pier hasn't returned repeated phone calls from SF Weekly and so we can't say if, or how seriously, she's considering a run for higher office. That leaves us only one option: Irresponsible speculation.

It's well known that Alioto-Pier aspires to a more glamorous elected post. The 40-year-old supe has already run for secretary of state twice, both times unsuccessfully. But even if she loses a bid for statewide office a third time, it wouldn't necessarily be a career-killer. In fact, one could argue that running for lieutenant governor is a win-win for her even if she loses. It would help raise Alioto-Pier's name I.D. and improve her liberal credentials in San Francisco should she campaign for mayor in 2011.

Okay, so we're getting ahead of ourselves. A lot can change over the next few months ... John Garamendi, the current lt. guv, could decide to seek re-election and ditch his flaccid campaign for governor. After all, in what may be a precedent-setter, Garamendi's political consultant announced his resignation this week via his Facebook page.

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