Instant Karma: Man Blocking Handicap Ramp Cited -- Then Busted For Outstanding No-Bail Warrant

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Sir, you're blocking a ramp ... and you've got too many damn knives ... and a warrant. We're going downtown.

Instant Karma's gonna get you/
Gonna knock you right on the head/
You better get yourself together/
Pretty soon you're gonna be dead.
-- John Lennon

The San Francisco Police Department -- perhaps acting at the unseen behest of a higher authority (or, at the very least, the Americans With Disabilities Act) -- served as cosmic messengers on Friday, nailing an RV full of ne'er-do-wells blocking a handicapped ramp. But that's just the beginning.

At the portentous hour of 4:20 a.m. on Friday, April 24, police from San Francisco's Taraval Station spotted a recreational vehicle blocking a ramp on the 3900 block of Lawton and noticed a man snoozing inside. It turns out the gent was in possession of "a large number" of knives, a sword, and a toy gun ("You'll shoot your eye out, kid") -- and, more substantively, he was wanted in Mendocino County on a no-bail probation violation. Lesson: Don't block the access of handicapped people -- or else!

But that's not all:

Also on Friday, April 24, a couple of men drinking booze on 25th Ave. and Judah were questioned by police -- and one happened to be toting a pair of illegal brass knuckles. He also happened to be toting a no-bail parole warrant (no word yet from the cops on what warranted these men's no-bail warrants).

Lesson: Don't gallivant drunkenly through town in possession of illegal weaponry or menace the disabled when you're a wanted man -- or else. 


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