How Did We Live Without This? Web Site Allows You To Generate Frank '12 Galaxies' Chu's Signs.

Chu Sign.jpg
Created by yours truly at ACME ChuMaker.
It's all the terrible truth

It just ain't a San Francisco event until Frank Chu lopes up, toting his sign. It doesn't matter if it's an SEIU picket, a Holocaust remembrance ceremony, or a sale at Ross -- all that's important to Chu is that he can wave his bizarre message in front of the masses and spread the truth: While he was the prince of China, several former U.S. presidents in cahoots with the CIA and 12 galaxies used mind-controlling drugs to film a movie of him and his family and broadcast it to the 12 galaxies and never paid Frank a cent for being its star.

If you've ever wanted to offer Chu advice on how to print a properly jaw-dropping sign -- but were afraid to approach him -- now you can "model" a sign on Chu himself at the excellent "Acme ChuMaker" Web site. Using around a dozen different photos of Chu on the streets of San Francisco, the site allows you to enter your own text -- and can also supply "automatically generated Chuglish."

We may have followed through on Emperor Norton's suggestion to build the Bay Bridge -- but none of the Emperor's contemporaries gave him his own Web site. Warrants mentioning.

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