Seen In San Francisco: Happy 4:20 From the Most Apropos Bread Truck In the Whole City

Categories: SF Oddities
Oh wow, man!
Sorry, the above Vital Vittles truck, spotted on Church and Duboce, all too aptly describes the collegiate careers of many people we know.

As we noted earlier today, in addition to being Hitler's birthday (dark) and the first day of Dark Sky Week (very dark), April 20 is also marijuana aficionados' favorite self-serving excuse to smoke up (we're not judging; we also feel that possession of a bottle of good champagne is reason enough to celebrate).

With that in mind, the truck's reference to anything "baked" can be taken as an innuendo on this day of days. And while we're always a little worried that dropping a loaf of Vital Vittles could result in broken toes, suddenly we have a craving for some of their fresh bread ... Oh God! This is, like, the best bread, ever, man!

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