Vote on Ammiano's Marijuana Bill Postponed Amid Difficult Time For S.F. Pot Fans

In what is perhaps the best news of late for aficionados of marijuana legalization, a scheduled March 31 committee hearing of Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's legalization bill was postponed likely until 2010 (drag) -- which gives marijuana advocates some time to reverse what would have almost definitely been a no vote (groovy).

On the whole, however, these are the days that try pot men's souls: Last Wednesday witnessed a jaw-dropping raid of a San Francisco marijuana dispensary, seemingly in stark contradiction to Attorney General Eric Holder's statement that such activity would no longer be a Drug Enforcement Agency priority.

Then, on Friday, police in the Sunset busted a large grow-house. From the San Francisco Police Department:

Officers ... conducted an investigation into a suspected house being used for a massive marijuana "grow" on the 2100 block of 34th avenue. ... The officers obtained a search warrant  from the San Francisco Superior Court and waited in front of the residence. The resident came out of the house and was detained. [Additional police officers] responded to the scene to assist. A search of the residence revealed hundreds of growing marijuana plants and numerous other items that were used to complete the growing operation including bypassed electricity, lamps, timers, and fans. The suspect was arrested on multiple felony charges.

And you thought nothing ever happened in the Sunset.

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