'Shamed' No More: On Same Day as Receiving Delinquent Notice (and Mention in SF Weekly Article) Coalition for Responsble Growth Files Expenditure Reports

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Yesterday we wrote about how a San Francisco "pro-moderate/anti-progressive" group, the Coalition for Responsible Growth, was less responsible about filing its campaign expenditures in a timely manner.

After a month of delinquency in failing to report how much it spent in the last election, the CRG abruptly filed  its expenditure report yesterday -- the same day it received a second late notice and a spot on the Ethics Commission's "Hall of Shame" for non-responsive filers (and, perhaps not coincidentally, a prominent role in our article). It is unclear how much the CRG will be fined -- but at $35 a day for a month it's likely to top $1,000. The coalition was docked roughly $1,500 for missing its two previous reporting deadlines.

Two other committees mentioned in SF Weekly's article, Eric Mar for DCCC and Jill Wynns for School Board, also filed yesterday, as did the Richmond District Democratic Club.

Perhaps not surprisingly "Robert E. McCullough for Mayor -- 'Captain Democracy'"  has still not filed. So he's still Captain Delinquent -- until he makes admiral.

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