San Francisco State Ranked WAY Better Than Stanford (in National Recycling Contest)

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A novel manner of demonstrating one's school spirit...
Finally -- a competition that rewards college students for amassing empty beer bottles.

Midway through the "RecycleMania" competition, our plucky hometown schools are among the nation's leaders. San Francisco State ranks 12th, one spot ahead of City College -- in a field of 198 (last place: Union College. C'mon Dutchmen, get on the ball!). Stanford, by the way, is ranked 70th.

The 10-week competition, which concludes later this month, rewards schools that not only up their recycling effort but also reduce their trash generation. Scores are measured in percentages -- we're going to use some math here, but no algorithms, variables or anything complicated -- derived from the following equation: Weight of recycling divided by (the weight of recycling plus weight of trash) multiplied by 100.

So far, SFSU is registering 49.05 percent, a shade above CCSF's mark of 48.84 percent. Current leader CSU-San Marcos is running away with the competition at 82.28 percent.

Other schools of note: No. 20 CSU-Chico: 43.90 percent; No. 35 University of San Francisco: 38.95 percent; No. 56 Santa Clara University: 32.01 percent; No. 57 St. Mary's: 31.81 percent; No. 70 Stanford University: 29.01 percent; No. 112 U.C. Santa Cruz: 21.12 percent; No. 198 Union College: 0.57 percent (C'mon Dutchmen!). 

The competition concludes at the end of the month. We will, of course, have the results right here. And if anyone has an idea how to start a betting pool -- do share.

Photo   |   State of Washington Department of Ecology (no joke)

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