San Francisco ranked 48th in Manliness...By a Snack-Food Company...and This is News

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I've never particularly liked Combos and there are two reasons for this. One: they're too crunchy. Two: the processed crap in the middle disgusts me. But now there is a much better reason not to eat Combo's -- the people trying to make us buy them are a bunch of sexist, cheese-filled a-holes.

In their recent, highly scientific survey of manliness in the 50 largest cities in America, Combos, in partnership with some sell-out who apparently has experience with the "Best Places to Live" survey, found that San Francisco ranked 48, ahead of only Los Angeles and New York. The cities were ranked based on absurd criteria, including the number of professional major league sports teams and barbecue joints, the popularity of tools and hardware, and the frequency of monster truck rallies. Cities also lost points for having many home furnishing stores, high mini-van sales, and subscription rates to beauty mags.

Nashville, Charlotte, and Oklahoma City came in first, second, and third, apparently for their overwhelming enthusiasm for hunting, fishing, NASCAR, and salty snacks. Yep, salty snacks. As in, Combos. While I'll admit that men generally eat a bit more salt than women, women also eat a helluva lotta salt. So why would Combos want to ignore (and annoy) half of its potential market by calling attention to exaggerated gender differences that reasonable people dismissed as stupid and sexist long ago?

Here's one good reason: free publicity. Every city on that list has a newspaper (at least for now) that will publish some dumb story about where it ranks in manliness. Google news is already showing 115 news articles on the subject, and though I haven't read them all, I bet the majority take an uncritical approach, simply and humorously "educating" the readers about the manliness rank of their city.

Daily newspapers: Please stop giving the public even more reasons that you shouldn't exist.

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