Muni Manners Mavens to Dabble in Charity

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Sneaker Sympathies Run Deep
Used athletic sneakers are one of those things that start to take on new luster in an economic downturn. (For many San Franciscans, hand-me-down footwear is hardly synonymous with, say, the early 1990s.) Allowing that demand for old shoes is out there, we're still surprised to report the identity of the charitable souls stepping up to serve the need.

It's the Muni Manners ladies.

Angelie Agarwal and Julie Hayes, the once-anonymous vigilantes of public-transportation etiquette whose Muni Manners blog presents everything you ever wanted to know about proper behavior on a street tram, have announced a used-shoe drive that will run through the month of April. Called the Muscle Manners Fitness Shoe Drive -- Muscle Manners is the pair's parallel blog on gym etiquette -- the effort will feature drop-off stations at YMCA branches across town. (Check out the full list of locations here.)

Two marketing executives promoting good manners AND dispensing free shoes. Who's to say all hope for this town is lost?

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