Move Your Desk? Yes. Take Your Stapler? Yes. Thumbscrews? No. Web Site Answers What Your Boss Can and Can't Do

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In an economy where 667 folks apply to land a job pushing a broom, it's a good bet that the nation's employers may attempt to get away with whatever they damn well can.

Since the textile industry has largely moved overseas, modern-day Norma Raes aren't going to be able to lean over your shoulder to rabble-rouse. So, you'll have to cull your rights from the Internet.

Interfaith Worker Justice, a Chicago-based organization whose name pretty much explains its raison d'ĂȘtre, has come up with the Web page Can My Boss Do That? The site charmingly notes on its splash page that, yes, your boss can track your Web and e-mail usage on your work computer -- so be sure to tell him or her that you meant to be looking at porn and typed in the wrong address.

The site, while rather straightforward, dry, and filled with somewhat awkward "folks at work" photographs, is rather detailed and comprehensive. Check it out -- on your own time.

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