More Details Due Today on Chronicle's Potential Union Deal

Sorry Jinx. We're laying you off.
The only factor delaying the announcement of a time and place for a possible Thursday union vote on whether to accept the San Francisco Chronicle's latest offer is the securing of "a large enough facility" -- which, sadly, would have been a lot harder to do a decade ago when the paper's news staff was twice as large. It figures to be far easier following this coming vote. 

Further details are promised today on the tentative deal struck last night between Hearst Corp. and the Media Workers Guild; unlike the last bummer deal the union is urging its membership to vote "aye."

More from the guild's Web site:

The terms reached late Monday include expanded management ability to lay off employees without regard to seniority. All employees who are discharged in a layoff or who accept voluntary buyouts are guaranteed two weeks' pay per year of service up to a maximum of one year, plus company-paid health care for the severance term, even in the event of a shutdown - which today's agreement is designed to avoid.

Guild membership will remain a condition of continued employment for all employees. However, new hires in certain advertising sales positions will be given the option of membership, even though they will retain Guild protection under the contract.

Not mentioned was the issue of just how many layoffs are to come; Hearst earlier bandied about the notion of dropping 150 of its roughly 480 union news and advertising workers if the guild played ball -- and 225 if it didn't.

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