Local Schools' Fortunes Plummeting in Tournament -- The Recycling Tournament. What Tournament Were You Thinking Of?

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Not everything that goes in the trash can is trash. Ask someone who knows...
Pulling into the home stretch of Recyclemania, the nationwide recycling competition for colleges and universities, our local institutions appear to be flagging a bit.

Ranked 12th and 13th earlier this month, San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco have dropped back in the pack. With the competition scheduled to end later this month, CCSF is ranked 14th and SFSU is sitting in the No. 15 spot.

As we wrote about earlier, the 10-week competition rewards schools that augment their recycling efforts while simultaneously reducing trash generation. Scores are calculated  using a fairly simple formula: The weight of the stuff a school recycles is divided by the overall weight of recycling and trash. That percentage is multiplied by 100. CCSF's "score" is 49.17 while SFSU's is 49.06 (meaning both schools are recycling just under half the refuse they generate, by weight). These totals are far behind overall leader CSU-San Marcos, which has posted a score of 82.66. This, by the way, is likely CSU-San Marcos' claim to fame. 

Other schools of note: U.C. Berkeley is not competing; University of San Francisco, No. 52, 33.72; No. 76, Stanford, 29.10; No. 78, Santa Clara University, 28.70; No. 144, U.C. Santa Cruz, 19.48; No. 166, U.C. Davis, 16.28.

One-hundred and ninety-eighth -- and last -- place -- is, once again, Union College of Schenectady, New York, with an astounding score of 0.15. This is a marked decline even from their jaw-droppingly abysmal score from earlier this month of 0.57.

C'mon Dutchmen! Get on the ball!
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