Lawsuit Cocktail: Costco Sued For Allegedly Skimping on Shrimp

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Retail giant Costco -- the big box store that stoked America's Brobdingnagian appetite for eight-packs of cereal, 40-unit boxes of AA batteries, and mayonnaise jars the size of R2-D2 -- is being sued. The charge: Shorting its shrimp.

A class action suit filed in New York City accuses Costco of systematically serving only 13 or 14 ounces of shrimp in its supposedly one-pound (16 ounce) cocktail shrimp platters. When you tabulate  the money Costco has allegedly saved by doling out imaginary shrimp -- it adds up. The suit claims the store's shrimp-purchasing customers are being bilked out of between $13.32 million and $39.97 million a year.

In addition to compensatory damages, disgorgement, and/or restitution, the plaintiffs are seeking an injunction which would forbid Costco from selling the shrimp platters until they are relabeled (perhaps the first shrimp-related injunction since a close friend walked out of the middle of Forrest Gump and refused to watch another Tom Hanks movie for five years). 

A call to San Francisco's Costco revealed that a pound of shrimp will run you $9.99. When asked if anyone had ever complained that there was less than a pound of shrimp in the platter, a meat department employee laughed and replied, "Naaaaaaah."

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