IM Conversation, Purportedly from S.F. Fraud Suspect, Sheds Light on Bizarre Palm Springs Case

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Kaushal Niroula
The recent arrest of San Franciscans Kaushal Niroula, Daniel Garcia and a bevy of alleged cohorts in an alleged Palm Springs identity theft scam, provided a glimpse into an apparently illicit world where a band of young, attractive men used the casual, all-male intimacy of the San Francisco-Palm Springs bar scene as a pond for fishing hapless victims.

SF Weekly obtained a printout of an alleged Yahoo! Instant Message conversation, between Tyson Wrensch, who claims he was victimized by at least one member of the same group two years before the Palm Springs arrests, and Niroula -- who faces charges in San Francisco, Marin County, and Palm Springs of obtaining money through fraud and other illegal means. The banter hints at an enticingly dangerous-seeming underworld, where players back charming bon-vivant bar personae with an equally contrived-seeming substrate of menace. Niroula was known for claiming to be a wandering Nepalese prince, whose sharp clothes, British accent, and penchant for lavishing gifts upon acquaintances created an aura of mysterious sophistication. In his purported instant message conversation with Wrensch, he attempts to project another side -- the well-connected, dangerous man who shouldn't be trifled with. Niroula and Wrensch's mutual friend, Daniel Garcia, had recently spent several nights at Wrensch's place while the Vegas slot-machine executive vacationed in Brazil, Wrensch says.

According to purported ATM camera footage obtained by police, Garcia used bank cards found in Wrench's apartment to empty his accounts, Wrensch said, adding that Garcia has tried to pin the deed on Niroula, who during the March, 2007 IM conversation urges Wrensch to keep his mouth shut about the allegations:

Picture 8.png

So Niroula's completely ignorant and innocent of his friend Garcia's alleged identity theft and robbery shennanigans? Not quite. Niroula apparently seems to suggest he knows everything -- through clairvoyance.

Picture 4.png

After purportedly insisting that he knew nothing of the theft of Wrensch's identity and the looting of his accounts, then claiming knowledge through special guessing powers, Niroula seems to pivot into an all-knowing mob-linked persona after Wrensch tells there's been a police investigation into the theft.

Picture 5.png

Establishing his dangerousness, Niroula purportedly IM's orders to Wrensch.

Picture 6.png

After more give and take, Niroula seems to finally realize Wrensch has already reported complete details of Daniel Garcia's alleged identity theft and robbery to the police.

Picture 7.png

Two years later, both Niroula and Garcia were charged in Palm Springs with crimes linked to the looting of the assets of a missing, elderly man named Cliff Lambert.

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