Hey, FOX News: San Francisco Has Enough Problems. Don't Pin Oscar Grant's Killing on Us.

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They 'report,' we decide
Conspiracy theories are not our thing. But considering the vitriol directed against San Francisco by FOX news' talking heads, it's a bit harder to shake off the above headline as a mere copy editor's boo-boo.

To wit: Oscar Grant, who hailed from Hayward, was shot to death at an Oakland BART station by a cop from through the tunnel in Lafayette who was working for an inter-regional transit agency. And yet, what city gets the rap for this in FOX's world?

The FOX news story (which you can read here) is actually penned by an Associated Press reporter -- who obviously knows the difference between San Francisco, Oakland, and BART. Other than the misleading headline, the words "San Francisco" do not appear in this story once, with the exception of a FOX addition at its conclusion pointing the readers to view "more at KTVU.com in San Francisco." That's an odd thing to do: First off, KTVU featured the identical AP story (and no video). And, second, KTVU is in Oakland.

Look, this was probably not done so FOX's red meat demographic could whoop in glee about how "Them liberals in Frisco shooting an unarmed black man in the back: That's reaaaal progressive." It probably was just some kind of motiveless screw-up. And yet, in the end, the effect is the same.

FOX followers of the world, if you must hate us, at least hate us for something we actually did. It's wrong to hate -- but it's more wrong to hate for the wrong reasons.

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